Thursday, November 8, 2012

that.. autumn walk about I was longing for..

want to go for a walk about with me?
aren't the colors gorgeous…
with golden and burnt umbers
and a red so touched with sienna.. it's shocking
and where is the sky on this day?

look at that COLOR

the trail we worked on all summer
sure looks lovely..
compare this photo with the one below

which photo do you like better ?

a look over into the valley..
isn't it lovely..?

wandering down the path

and still blossoms
so wonderful
so suprising

so ripe and ready to be picked for tea

brilliant purple
so bold
so beautiful

my walk about partner

wandering home..
the assortments of color envelope me.. 
so so beautiful..
thank you Lord for this little walk

the view
the colors
fill me..
invigorate me
encourage me

and I need it 
chasing this munchkin about…
i think we were both ready for a nap after this walk!

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