Thursday, November 8, 2012

Future Hunters???

it IS that time of year again
bow hunting..
soon rifle hunting
yes even the toddler is donned with 
well for all of you who do not hunt
and may not be aware..
Orange is a safety color
we wear it through out hunting season
to be SAFE
what if a bow hunter saw some scurrying in the woods
what if it was low profiled 
and dressed in green camp..
that hunter might SHOOT my baby!
So ..
in this orange 
he shall be SEEN
if he should escape the General
this Orange is blaring!
it's actually called
it's required for every hunter to wear it during deer hunting season
it's smart for even non hunters to wear..
when out hiking or walking about..
it is just..

Little Man LOVES his "Blaze Orange" 
and vest..
he feels SUPER big!

very authoritative too..
Hey Mama..
What's Buddy doing??

Buddy found himself a 
very BIG stick
looks a bit like..
a hobbit..

gotta love my smile-E boyz!
best friends…
worst enemies…
they love one another as only brothers can love
my future hunters… ?

and gee..
they are wonderful!

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