Friday, November 9, 2012

Demo Day !!!! part 1

Mr. T arrived with 
and he's aiming at the old milk house!
it was too bad we couldn't save it..
but we couldn't
it was a rats nest
and generally ICKY and UNSAFE
and the best thing about it was the old windows
but even that??
not too great

Time to go!
Out with the Old and Un-recycleable
and time to clear the pallet!
we need to see the landscape to make choices about 
what goes here next!
Hen House?
Wash House?
options options…
Today is DEMO day!

I have got my coffee

and a cozy chair

and am watching from "over there"
he told me to stay out of the way
just wait till the boys come 
it's a DEMO DAY!

things are crashing
breaking all around
you can't even imagine all the sound

check out my ripped up lawn..
that is ok
the yard will live to see 
yet another day

we're smashing

we're crashing



they are watching
not talking
totally amazed
how cool
what a great day!

did THAT just happen
did really JUST
push the truck out of the way?
he MUST!

he's shoving
and nudging
and clearing his path

it is geometry 
he's doing physical MATH!

it Must be so fun
destroying things in the sun

munching thiings
smathings things
on this Demo day

lifting buildings like a superhero
it's the heart of every boy

how the lads are enjoying 
Mr. T's Toy
the Skid steer 
it is so cool!
what a super terrific tool

it grades
it levels
it utterly destroys
it can rebuild
it's just a great MANs toy!

the boys they LOVE Skid Steer
love to watch it SHOVE and CLEAR



oh MY!


topsy turvy

where did it go?

it's gone
broken into pieces

so far so good

one down 3 to go..
what a mess..
but soon 
no one will Know!

hope you enjoyed my sad attempt at rhyme
the boys has SUCH a great time
Come back for part 2 of Demo Day
so very much happened!  

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