Saturday, November 10, 2012

Temper.. or Tempered ??

having a two year old
oodles of 
I know.. because I am on my fourth round of them…
JUST counting my IN HOME experience
not even extending to YEARS
of working with them..
however the best thing ABOUT 
having a two year old is
they are 
oodles of cuteness
as the perp is seen here
and delightful
but they are..
every one of them..
JUST like us…
not perfect
NO not one..
only "future mothers' think
"no.. not MY child.. my (imaginary child) would NEVER do that..
yes they will..
it' virtually guaranteed
because you THOUGHT that..
just wait…
A mom of 8 once told me..
"Motherhood AIN'T for wimps"
and she was right
and frankly
I knew it…
I just love to quote it..
because it's true..

Temper Tantrums 
Toddlers mixed
old farm glass
some mildly heavy play truck
broken glass
and a chilly room

you are loving my fun
plasticy table cloth aren't you?

First the glass hast to be gotten out..
then the old putty and glass carefully scraped out 

Machine man is carefully at work…
I bought the new glass at a local glass cutter
I like buying LOCAL
she asked if I wanted Tempered
but it came out 
I muttered something about
we've had enough of Temper
but not sure anyone else caught my joke

gloves are sure smart when doing things like this

That is cool glass..
but it will give a NASTY cut

super sharp!
It is so interesting learning how to fix
a farmhouse window
in our other homes..
they were so DIFFERENT!
and you rather HAD to call someone

Machine Man gave a light coating of paint

priming first …
What do you think? 
we aren't crazy!
and now he'll put these little tabs in…
it came in a box with oodles for just under $2 dollars
and the glass was about $8
not bad
just a lot of effort

tabs in..
time to

lay down the glass

very carefully

the last portion prior to putting it back in the Bunk room
is putting the putty on
turns out this is NOT Machine Mans gifted in the 
"putty dept."
I am the caulker,
and because I ended up puttying this
he disappeared to see what excitement was happening
so guess 
finished the photo shoot..
no one
TRUST its all good
sealed and painted
and BACK in the room..
it's cleaner than the rest of the windows
and whiter too..

surely it ain't for wimps…
purp asked forgiveness
after doing 
in a corner
( weeping and wailing )
begging forgiveness
forgiveness and stern reproach was given..
he's off on his merry way
isn't he JUST adorable?
my sweet little repeat offender :)
I just LOVE him!

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