Monday, November 12, 2012

Neighbors come a calling.. LOUDLY

Morning time is such a glorious time on the farm..
The lighting here in the valley is very peaceful
and joyful
and bright and .. BEAUTIFUL…
It's also time blessings wake up
happy and READY for a NEW day!
Eager to HELP, and be noticed for BEING Helpful
Here is my morning breakfast pal..
eagerly up
and ready to feed the ducks
and Guinea Hens..
We have some nice cooked potato
and apples for them
and to it we will add some feed…
not much..
as they forage all day long!

Little Man LOVES dumping the bucket
into their food bowl..
it's a REALLY cool material
that won't ever freeze or get brittle…
and it's EASY to clean
(LOVE my True Value!)

We wait and see how Daisy Poppy and Lilly
deal with the Guineas this 
the FIRST morning with them..
and all appears well..
occasionally the Guineas will SIT in the bowl
and hog the food
but then the ducks will just MOVE THEM
with their big beaks
the Guineas 
(typical bullies)
are in fact QUITE cowardly
and they will run run run away… 
it's hysterical…
so after Little Man and I enjoy this we hurry in the house
to TELL Big Kids what happened!
Whilst telling the story
we hear LOUD noises…
I mean LOUD!

looking out the window..
WHAT do we see?
Neighbors come a calling…

Our Amish Neighbor's have Guinea fowl too!
and they 
the Guineas.. not the Amish..
have arrived BRIGHT and EARLY 
to meet their new neighbors

There is a LOT of Guinea talk
several QUACKS

a LOT of investigations into this thing
that separates them all..

It reminds me of the book
Watership Down…
The free Rabbits trying to TELL the caged rabbits

you will all be free soon enough..
right now my darlings need to KNOW that 
BLESSINGS FARM is their home
give it a few weeks.. 
then they can come out and play with you ..
silly birds!

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