Monday, May 7, 2012

a doorway to inspiration...

everywhere I look here at the farm
new little delights have popped up...
pretty colors
purples and greens
yellows and green 
greens of all sorts 
even greens with pretty pinks and whites attached! 
and then there is this solid
brilliant BRIGHT spring green..
it takes your breath away
and makes one wonder..
what colors it holds inside! 
all this greenery has inspired us..
well ok..
ME to go further with the green..
since I have finally agreed to a new GREEN roof
to be put on some time later this year..
I felt things needed a change in the DOOR department
I want to paint the FRONT door..
but will start with the porch door..
because we have to repair the glass anyways..
it shattered thanks to Little Man's enthusiasm for opening and closing
Machine Man chose some sort of FANCY plexi glass
and it's practically bullet proof..
Which on the farm, MIGHT come in handy...
(just KIDDIN!)
so to paint the doors
I went to Tattered Tiques again
and bought me some of THIS!
Antibes Green.. 
but who would have guessed it would be THIS green! 
no that isn't bad lighting.. it's SUPER green
nearly fluorescent! 
yah.. and I have that stressed out feeling.. but
am choosing to WALK by faith..
or rather paint by faith...
(is that EVEN scriptural??)
I want the new wood trim to sort of match the old world look...
so ...
when I got me some of that green,
I also got 
and now to add some of the dark wax to the 
VERY green wood trim

the one on the left is NOT stained..
compared with the three on the right 
whatcha think?
C.S. thinks IT is crazy fun!
it's so bold!
will I fix it like that trim?? 
here is what the other side of the door looks like, since I failed to 
get a snap picture of it for you to start with...
I will paint this too.. 
NOW for waxing the other side
so Machine Man doesn't fall over
we have workmen here doing some things..
and they are looking at THAT door
like we are a bit..
IF ya know what I mean... 
do you see the top and the far right?
that is with the stain.. the rest is without..
whatcha think?

all complete on this side!
now to do the other side and get that window in..
it's a VERY old door, 
and NOW we can see the details!
I think we LOVE it!

look at those details..
I think I might paint inside them another time..
so pretty!
Machine Man NEVER knew that was there!

ta Dah!
the other side complete 
and the window is IN!
the front door!
loving this Annie Sloan Chalk paint!
how about you?

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