Friday, May 11, 2012

hairy scary

with 36 acres of dreamland
you must understand something about dreams...
some of them.. are nightmares...
hairy scary..
like the well situation
some are more managable
and need some clean up
Little Man intends on supervising
and giving me instructions 
i am to STAY BACK
for C.S. is doing danger work
could get owies and boo boo's
(see how serious he is?) 
see the hairy scary?
just a zone for ticks
and thistles
and burrs..
C.S. is using his handy dandy pole saw
not mine
not Machine Man's 
but rather
it's sort of trick work..
because there may be some barbed wire around here
and he CARES if he wrecks
HIS handy dandy pole saw 
this was sitting next to me
I thought you might like the sunshine splendor as much as I did
wondering about making dandelion wine...
but that would be SO off topic 
Princess has taken the boys to the septic hill
it's just the COOLEST mound ever!
they play rolly olly
mostly for Little Man
but I think that the ALL enjoy it actually 
here is Forrest 
just waiting to mow over the mess
once C.S. is done trimming the more difficult stuff
**dreaming of a brush hog**
(ad THAT to the things THIS girl never thought she'd dream for...) 
Little Man is now annoyed and wants to COME back to 
project management..
so Princess is snuggling with him
and singing to him to calm his VERY angry self..
it's not working
this is a two year old tantrum..
nuttin much will help
but fools we are..
we just keep trying..
LOVE this age 
ok, all fake trees and bushes gone
now for mowing.. 
no Buddy..
you don't get to ride Forrest yet..
but thanks for the pose..
it's a keeper!
and so are YOU!
just another fun, action packed morning at the farm!

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