Monday, May 7, 2012

Floors floors floors....

The time has come, to get the kitchen floor DONE!
and first comes some scrubbing
ok.. a LOT of scrubbing... 
and I have my trusty sidekick to help me ...
we wanted to do that in the evening..
and then... 
when it is all completed..
take the time to prime it really GOOD before bed
so it can dry before Little Man wakes
and gets curious 
first coat is done
and looking really good! 
funny as small as the kitchen is..
painting by brush it takes time 
we had to stop before we got to the dining area
or what WILL be the sitting room/buffet room..
why stop?
because nearly everything that goes IN the kitchen
is IN this room.. and I can barely FIND the floor for walking...
in the morning AFTER some little boys were up,
dressed and BEING fed
I did the second coat
and then we had to LEAVE
to keep curious stomping feet OUT...
Where to go?
somewhere to look for flooring for the family room!
and the guest room!
it was quite the adventure
and we found a super gallery about an hours drive..
(after a LOT of other spots THIS was the place for us!) 
beautiful.. but not quite the look for us

really neat.. but.. again..
it's an old farm house..
not a cabin...

love the dark side on the left.. but it seems almost
TOO rustic 
gorgeous but too... perfect..
oh this IS going to be a challenge!
We need something that won't off gas
that is LOCAL
and is clean
for varying health issues 
and this is what we stumbled across...
This ..
local wood, treated the old Scandinavian way
with oils and it's NO VOC, no off gasing..
all safe and pretty for me..
we've picked our color
but can you guess WHICH one???
come on..
leave a comment with the color YOU think we picked
and what YOU would pick!


Black Cherry said...

you picked the brown one in the middle right right come on, you know i guessed it , huh huh.
hey if this is regular solid wood i have the stapler and nail gun to install it. and dont forget the tar paper first

Blessings Farm said...

Black Cherry,
have you ever used scuba paper.. (gee i think that is what it is called.. we are going with that.. also.. i think this is ONE of the few jobs we are hiring out.. SHOCKING... I know.. but it's truly beyond my DIY capabilities.. THAT said, I may need you to come visit, and help me play with a tough spot on the bunk room floor.. it needs a thoughtful experienced eye and we don't want to wing it.. or put all new floors in.. when can you come up to the farm to play??? I can take you for Amish Chocolates.. and perhaps even get you some Amish pie ! :)pretty please