Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kitchen flooring!

a little bit of stretching required...
when you don't have traditional cabinetry..
I had a volunteer in my sidekick Princess...
and now that the floor is primed 
with coats of Zissner
it's time for our Porch Paint..
(not oil based)
we are thankful at how little this smells... 
the first coat we did edge out by hand and then 
Roller In.. 
we were shocked at how thin the porch paint is 
compared to wall paint
and primer...
but the next morning there were too many little spots
and for the following 2 coats I painted only by hand 
It is so fun to see the stark difference of it all!
and I LOVE how I can see that beautiful grain beneath the 
Black Jack color
so pretty!
Now Machine Man can get that guy over to help with
my copper pipes for our propane..
Which we don't YET have..
and then....
so exciting!

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sulung74 said...

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