Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kitchen Tiles COMPLETE!

remember THIS?
the elephant in the wall..
and the fake phone jack?

well turns out that vent is a fire hazzard
it's a dryer vent...
can we just say
that He laid it on our hearts to gut the kitchen FIRST
before any other big project
(like the bathroom... yah.. don't EVEN go there)
so we are getting fancy with venting.. 
you'll see that soon enough

till then
we've patched up the wall
and need to finish tiling..
then we will grout
This is what we used for both walls 
to score and crack them into the right size
THIS was hard work, and not always accurate..
since that time
borrowed/gave us a handy dandy 
super SNAZZY
Wet saw 
here is C.S. reading the directions on HOW to put it together 
all ready scoring and marking it up
I am SO excited! 
C.S. is learning new skills every day
skills that will make him a valuable asset 
a blessing to his future family
and build his confidence
I LOVE having Blessings Farm
it's a great place to just LEARN and GROW 
ok.. NOW you'll notice that the pallet wall is done
and I am super happy..
it was done whilst the patchwork was drying and all that jazz
we are multi-tasking 
two trouble areas.. 
can you see them..
this is going to BE tricky 
not as fancy as a professional
but tough spot #1 looks pretty good
thanks to the new wet blade 
getting nearer to tough spot #2 
just wait..
you will love how it looks all done!
nearing the finish line 

enough to do another wall!
but here we are on that LAST tile
drum roll please 
nearing that moment 
and can we say
job done? 
oh yes we can!
job done well!
Way to Go C.S.
you brought the job home!
so pleased :)

and RYOBI  Wet Saw
you made it so much simpler
thanks Uncle!

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Anne said...

Looks great, C.S.! I left a bunch of comments yesterday, but apparently I didn't do it right... cause they're gone... I'll get the hang of this! Love the work you all are doing, and love that we can keep up with what you're into by following your blog. <3