Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pallet Wall complete!

In the winter
I had this FUN project started
I had a vision of how it would look
and thus
we began..
and then..
got stuck.
it stayed like this
for months..
waiting for completion...
Machine Man has been collecting pallets for a while
and the time finally came that C.S. and I could work on it!
problem with my plan is.. the kids LOVE the look
just as it is
i mean EXACTLY..
but my plan was to paint is 
hard core WHITE
a drama unfolded..
between what WE the parents had a vision of
and what our Blessings thought would look best 
and I thought back to the vision that captured me on my drive
and decided to try to compromise..
Machine Man and I agreed that while we MIGHT hate it,
we would indeed be able to paint OVER it if that ended up being the case
I presented the idea to the skeptical Blessings..
and they agreed we should try it 
Pure White Annie Sloan Chalk paint 
on pallet wall..
Whatcha think?
shabby next to perfection..
what a contrast
subway tiles next to a barn wood look..
I will wait till I dry and clear wax it... 
not bad.
the Blessings LOVE
and I am ok with it all..
IF I change my mind..
then you know what will happen..
but for now..
it really isn't bad
and it certainly adds TEXTURE
which as an artist..
was what I was hoping to achieve...

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