Wednesday, May 9, 2012

clearing up a bit

being outside
is fun!
there is a LOT to do on a farm 
that was forgotten and neglected for years 
Much to do to reclaim the Land
and prepare it for growing things
and sustaining life 
lots of discerning on which trees to keep
and which to get rid of 
with so many
we will start with dead trees
and diseased trees that don't seem like they will recover 
we have a problem with the eastern tent Caterpillar
wonder if it attacked this tree in the last few years 
either way,
this tree is dead
and in a spot that sure would be nice to put a picnic table..

out of these trees the only one that looks good
is the one on the FAR right
all the others trees in the forefront will go.. 
they are intertwined with barbed wire
and with them gone
and a little brush hogging later
this should be a beautiful view 
getting Peggy the Pick-up truck in position
they will cut down the tree and haul it away to 
the burn/mulching area 
C.S. has the ropes
and he and his Papa
Machine Man 
are ready to attack the problem area

and more on THIS exciting endeavor..

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