Friday, May 11, 2012

Scheduling Blessings Farm CLEAN UP weekend

i know i have a way of only taking photos of what looks
so glamorous..
right (giggling) ?
but we have inherited with the land
(once occupied by some folks with hording tendencies)
a bit of..
its all pretty much located in the same general area
but it's a bit of ...
and a bit of
so we plan on renting a dump thing...
(so much you will learn here .. i refer to as "thing")
and hope to have a sort of cleaning party!
what does that mean?
it means we hope to have some campsites prepped
(no electricity)
and have some cots and what not in the farm house
and YES we will wait till we HAVE a kitchen
so we can FEED people
we can only have a limited group for the clean up time..
muck boots
bug spray
an any such accessories
we don't really have for you..
but i am certain you could swing by a farm an fleet to get it..
is it roughing it?
is it hard work?
will the food be pretty good..
will there be beverages?
can you bring food and drinks to add..
the more the merrier..
so if you are in fact interested
please comment below
and leave an email address where you can be reached
to know if YOU have been chosen..
leave dates which are clear on your calendar..
we are thinking some time in June..
GREAT camping season!
and just think YOU could be one of the founding campers 
of the FUTURE
Blessings Farm Private Campgrounds..
sounds exciting?
comment and leave your info!
and we will let you in on MORE details
as they develop's uck
let's make it beautiful
families welcome
no daycare provided...

1 comment:

Anne said...

Yes, yes, and Yes! But I don't think June is good for us... NEED to visit family in Iowa and summer camp already planned... but we would love to come up to work and share community with you on Blessings Farm!