Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pinch me, we have PIE

we LOVE Blessings Farm
everything about it pretty much...
we love our wee little town
our lovely region
we EVEN love our neighbors!
and their amazing skills!
and the blessings they bestow upon us
the best of all, their friendship and prayers!
One of the fantastic skills Mrs. M has is baking
and THIS is her latest GIFT to our family!
She baked it fresh
and brought it over warm
sorry the lighting is bad..
it just.. well.. was bad
but this pie..
was not
really delightful! 
it was also Raspberry Pie!
Raspberries are one of my ALL time FAVORITE ever!
Thank you Mrs. M
though you will probably NEVER read this blog
you are LOVED
and so wonderfully well thought of!
Pinch me,
we have PIE!

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