Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Walking on pretty

Floors are DONE!
I used White Semi Gloss Porch Paint
and Forgot
to take a snap of the can...
next room...
here are some shots
I LOVE the look 
I find it dreamy
and clean 
and lovely 
i do wonder...
if i ought to have gone with gloss
for better durability and clean up
but I simply adore the look..
o MY 
next the trim!
Annie Sloan Chalk paint!
so exciting!
and you wonder...
was I inspired by the nature all around me?
take a look at these sweet flowers I got a shot of...
tell me what YOU think ! 
would YOU be inspired?
shades of whites...
I am LOVING the Littlest Room!
Bed Bought! 
Night Stands Bought
Bedding Bought
Armoir... need to buy
Art... in works (smiling)
it's all coming together!

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