Tuesday, April 10, 2012

our secret garden... secret because it's forgotton

so the daughter told us when it was sold...
that the property USED TO BE on the garden tours...
that scraggly old heap of a mess??
Princess and I looked at one another with eyes knowing..
no doubt in our eyes at all
we'd seen the leaves...
we KNEW there were hidden treasures beneath the chaos...
but COULD they be reclaimed?
Machine Man held out NO hope
C.S. only doubt an disbelief...
Buddy only apathy and delight in berries
the season for work...has come upon us
and work there is a plenty
from what neighbors speculate...
the fancy garden may have been forgotten for at LEAST 2-3 years...
that is a LOT of clearing we need to do... 
let me tell ya! 
but beneath it,
as we gently pull away
we find treasure after treasure! 
it's just that there is such a VOLUME of clearing that needs doing
and it needs to be done ...

by my back door

here is one view..
can you grasp the enormity?
oh MY!

on section cleared away
lots of rocks..
it is layered to make the garden steeped.. 
rather smart considering the incline it is on...

should look beautiful as things fill in!
there are even strawberry plants as underbrush!
black raspberries
oh MY! 
another section cleared..
well almost..
looks pretty good ... 
so exciting!

what do you think? 
so much more to do...
think I need to take a break and get on with the painting
of the floors 
in the
Littlest Room
don't YOU???

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