Monday, April 16, 2012

The Littlest Room... completely PAINTED!!

in all that spare time i have (giggling!)
I like checking out different decorating sites here and there...
and quite some time ago...
I came across something called Chalk Paint
not to be confused with Chalk Board Paint..
both SUPER fabulous and SUPER fun
but... different from one another...
Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan seems to create a look
that I just LOVE... that makes me think of 
living in the South of France...
that brings back happy,
joyful memories..
it ALSO seems to really respect the wood
and the ages of pieces..
see our trim is old
very very old.
EVERYONE who looks at it online thinks it's cherry..
it isn't
this was an old farmhouse
there is no way they could afford to have that much Cherry Trim..
they couldn't even stain the whole floor
they stained around the carpets.. remember?
so that said... it's some oak, and some other woods 
sort of hodgepodged with some truly lovely accent pieces 
all stained cherry
and not all done very well...
with lots of .. well issues shall we say?
I think it pulls together quite nicely
as a whole..
having NO desire to take it down
we wanted to respect it's age, and uniqueness..
they really went to a whole lot to make things LOOK really good
and they did it on a dime..
(sound familiar?)
I totally respect that too..
so the thought of putting regular paint on it seemed wrong...
it would chip eventually and look worse..
it would look like I was trying to make it look brand new.. 
I don't want it brand new.. 
I just want to get a new look...
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to the RESCUE! 
now to find a distributor...
there aren't many..
so after lessons one day Princess and I took a wee road trip!
and we met Nancy of Tattered Tiques!
and she is SUPER lovely, 
SUPER helpful
and SUPER inspiring...
we can't wait to go BACK!
Nancy was very informative, 
willing to explain how the paint works 
and just so lovely to chat with!
here's a sneak peak at some of her pieces!
so right up my alley!
it was a blast to go there and see how 
the chalk paint looked up close and not just on the internet.

and buy some we did!
I had saved some money for some many many months
and had exactly enough to buy
(with about a dollar and change to spare!) 
chosen colors?
Paris Grey
and Pure White
I also bought the clear wax.. 
just forgot to get it in this photo..

my plan?
to paint the trim PURE white
and some furniture pieces the Paris Grey 
I have my Coffee
 and the birds are singing JUST outside
the Littlest Room 
I have my Painting Partner, Princess ...
and we are ready to go!
Months of anticipation
planning... dreaming 
I can't begin to tell you how wonderfully this product goes on
I can't begin to blab on enough on how beautifully it stretches...
nor can I begin to tell you 
just how much I hate it on my trim...
time for more of that coffee... 
do it hate the paint? 
or the color...
definitely the color...
it's so washed out..
it looks sloppy on the cherry..
but what else can I do..
I spent a LOT of money..
ALL my money
and I have to get this right 
I need it done before I leave for 
I need it done so when Machine Man comes..
We can assemble the bed ...
and this.. to me this is hideous
so I did what I do 
I prayed..
I drank coffee
and prayed and had the craziest Idea...
what would the grey look like..???
probably worse...
well.. why not try?  I have NOTHING to lose.. right?
yep I really like the contrast a whole LOT
but will Machine Man??
will he think it's super dreamy and romantic too?
Princess loves it
and she's getting super good with working that brush!

whatcha think?
think I am crazy?
I probably am..

after one gets on the paint,
it's time to wax it on..
I chose the clear wax..
hmm I like it !

here's my little cloth to wipe off the excess...

and Walla!
isn't it lovely?
I can't WAIT to get furniture in here!
and pretty curtains...
oh MY!
so clean and pretty, and honoring of the period..
you know what..
it really does make me think of France.
as for Annie Sloan Paint,
it's a HIT!
and as for the Pure white..
I guess IT will be the color for some furniture! :)
so exciting!
can't wait to get back to Nancy's shop..
thinking.. green for the front door...
wonder what Machine Man will think of all this... 


Anonymous said...

You are so sweet to mention our shop and feature a picture of our mom! The pictures you took of the shop are so cute! I LOVE what you did with the room. The grey baseboards look fabulous!! I may even do this in my house...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way it looks. Look forward to meeting you...come back and visit! Thanks again!


Blessings Farm said...

Anne, I am so excited you liked how it turned out.. We love it! Stopped by the shop again today, and got more Paris grey..... and your pretty green... Next up.. oh... it's rather a surprise.. but I let your mom in on it :)
Looking forward to meeting you to!

Blessings to you