Monday, April 9, 2012

Littlest Room! Ceiling!!!!!

Those Super Savvy Mamma's prepped the Littlest Room
but it's time to start finishing it up!
and I rather like going
Top down
shall start with the ceiling
as I adore Zissner products

loving how it goes ON pink

and dries white
(Can you see it?)

I decided to have Machine Man put it on...
His being so tall..
He's just naturally CLOSER to the ceiling...
it's easier for him..
sort of like my theory of having the children pick things up off the floor
because they are shorter
and the items are CLOSER to them...
works for me!

when it is dry it is pink 
I am sooo excited!
Wait till you see the color I picked for the walls!
I wonder how it will SHOW on the blog though.. hmmmm 
happy painting!

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