Saturday, April 7, 2012

woodland discoveries

Walking in the Woods
with Machine Man
and Little Man
leads to 
delightful discoveries
the air feels lovely
the sounds are beautiful to hear
woodland music...
rabbits scurrying
squirrels scampering
turkeys rustling
and birds of all sorts singing their hearts out

fungi growing.. while an old log decays

someone teeny tiny has spun a web so sophiticated
hoping to catch some supper

someone small stomping about

isn't this one pretty??

and this one SO darling!

a ray of sunshine on the forest floor


our wee creek
the bubbling, gurgling
laughing as it carries on..
so thankful am I for LIFE
for Salvation 
for perspective
for all my Blessings
each and everyone...
for Blessings Farm 


Black Cherry said...

So glad to see you back. Thinking of you all wishing you all well!

Blessings Farm said...

glad to see you too... when are you coming??? :)