Monday, April 16, 2012

Tis the season...snowball bushes..

one of my first enchanting views of the house...
sort of see the house
What we actually see in this picture
is a sweet farm house peeking behind some 
HUGE Snowball bushes!!
as if it were playing hide and go seek with us
after much discussion.
sometimes HEATED discussions... 
or rather LIVELY discussions
about how much I LOVED the bushes
and how much Machine Man Hated them..
what finally came out was that we were in actually
in complete agreement
we BOTH hated to see these bushes we LOVED 
(ok perhaps love is to strong a word for Machine Man's feelings)
directly in front of the house...
then more discussion on WHERE they should go... 

it was decided...
per my suggestion that they OUGHT to go all the way down the lane!

and so ..
'Tis the season...
and all that

digging trenches has BEGUN!
as Machine Man encouraged C.S.
"Son.. years from now when I am old and grey ...
you can tell your children, how you planted these bushes when you were a lad...
it will be grand"
and it WILL
it really really will

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