Thursday, April 19, 2012

Littlest Room - Assembly Day!

It's assembly day for the Littlest Room...
and I am beaming with excitement..
As a part of home education..
we see learning as sort of three fold
one watches and learns
one comes along Teacher learning new skills step by step incrementally
going from doing a new skill here as the Teacher completes project
building on skills until you get to the third phase..
WAIT !!!
how long does a level  take?  as long as it takes...
one does the project on their own
Teacher is quite near if student has a question, 
or "gets stuck"
that's it...
HOW do Test them?? 
The "Test" comes when it comes.. 
VERY Naturally 
When said "Student" completes the project...
and never once needed assistance...
never questioned "self" and panicked...
and the project is done..
and done well, very very well...
phase 2 is sort of apprenticing on a a job..
THAT is where Buddy is at..
for the most part on projects like this,
he is NO longer a watch and learn guy..
He's super excited! 
Princess is at the tale end of apprenticing on jobs like this..
She is Level Three..
is this going to pass out??
Will this be her "TEST"

She sure is behaving like it..
She has diligently learned to study directions,
 reading the process and drawings carefully
She has learned her tool set and knows how to handle her tools

Little Man has pulled up a chair..
him DECIDING he wants to be a phase 1 guy...
this may change in 3 may not..
each kid KNOWS when it becomes interesting
and you know..
because they stay..
they watch..
they want to get you hammers and screwdrivers
and they LISTEN to what you're telling them..
you don't have to force it
if you follow this process

So far Princess has had no inquiries..
She is quiet and careful and taking her time..
regardless of Buddy's taunts that they will "win"
She is now mature enough to know we don't RACE at this sort of thing

The ONLY time she asks her dad for something is...
for her tool back..
Machine Man keeps disappearing with HER screwdriver ! 
see THERE it is again! 
Buddy is really taking instructions very well
learning to have self control
and LISTEN are both important LIFE SKILLS
we want all our children to have before they leave our nest
and while some Life Skills come easy to some children
and other Life skills come easy to other children
we believe they ARE actually SKILLS
needing to be taught, encouraged, and nourished 
Today a skill Buddy is working on..
holding the screw and it's driver very very straight
Buddy is very good at assembly
This comes VERY easy to him..
he's a "natural" as they'd say... 
Princess is at the stage of putting together her drawer here!
Wooden dowels can be tricky,
and we don't have replacements..
Looking like she's nearly GOT IT! 
Ta Dah!
Job completed
project done well
very very well
and without assistance
looks like Princess passed a Skills Test!
woo hoo!!!
on to the next assembly project!
Here Buddy is a beginner Phase 2
While Princess is clearly end Phase 3
She still has skills to learn here
but will be far more involved in this project 
than when we've done similar projects in the past
parts needing "assembly" 
Buddy is Assembling ! 
mounting side rails! 
helping HOLD STEADY! 
Center beam installed! 
way to go! 
Time for slats!
first side in.. 
all complete 
After C.S. Helped bring in the box thing for beneath the bed
time to unroll our mattress..
it is memory foam
and nice and comfortable! 
unrolled it looks silly
but it needs to FILL with air!
Thankfully we will be gone for a few days
and it can fill while we are away! 
Ta Dah! 
One bed and two nightstands assembled!
What a BLESSING Princess & Buddy were!
Thanks to C.S. for hanging out with Little Man so lessons 
(lessons he has passed out of)
could be learned by his two siblings 
woo hoo!
Littlest Room is nearing completion! 
yeah Team!

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