Monday, November 28, 2011

snowball bushes..

so in front of our sweet little Farm House
are these Snowball bushes
and not just one or two
like ooodles
and ooodles
like they had babies
there are literally 
generations of them

and they are TALL
and beautiful
and OUT of control
and buggy in the summer
and Machine Man wants to KILL them all
(hunter instinct)
and Opa thinks they retain too much water too near the house to be logical
and I LOVE them
and want to save them
and Princess
agrees with ME :)
LOVE her!
so WE devised a plan

and every single time we have attempted the plan
it has..
because their stems are SO many
and SO thick
and we are ...
it would seem...
VERY wimpy chicks

see how TALL they are?
see those stubs in front?
those are DAYS worth of work!
and you can BARELY NOTICE!

it's like a bad hair cut

so i brought up my hedge cutters
and Opa brought up HIS ELECTRIC hedge trimmers
(still IN the box... because he IS ... THAT cool)
let's see what does the job

we had to go to a chain saw
those suckers are like wood!
we ended up with a HUGE burn pile!
looks great  right!

the plan is...
(you're just really eager to know right?)
that with them more...
manageable, shall we say...
we can now DIG them up in the early spring,
and transplant them
along my side of the park way...
see on the left of the drive way, how it dips a bit, and there is a white birch, that is sort of...
the road way..
and I think these would look beautiful,
dotting all along my yard as people drive by... 
my home is high up enough it won't hinder my seeing the street or the neighbors, 
but sure will make the drive beautiful 
and my view...
my neighbors LOVED the idea too
who knows..
perhaps they'll help..
goodness knows
we'll NEED IT!

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