Monday, November 28, 2011

PULLING up staples!

The Bunk Room...
It IS the biggest room BY FAR in the whole Farm house.. 
Simply put
it is HUGE
and we dared to pull up the carpet
(oh MY!)
and made the BOLD decision to not recarpet but to keep the plank wood floors
though they may need a bit of repair in one spot...
that left me
with a WHOLE lot of staples to pull
and trying with pliers just left me depressed...
I did what ANY gal would do.
I goggled.. and chatted ALL about my dilemma..
and turns OUT...
had to deal with this 30 years ago
and INVENTED a tool for it!
(wonders NEVER seize) 
now Princess confessed that his ORIGINAL wasn't so cushy as this...
he told her he used a hard metal handled one way back then...
but because OPA just LOVES his little girl
he bought these nice can openers from OXO :)
can openers??
and then what?
he took a file and sharpened them...
sorry for not having photo's of that process.
it was a surprise for me
they had NO idea that I'd be wanting to do a tutorial on this..
silly them..
think, MANfile... not nailfile..
think HARDware store
NOT beauty salon
he REALLY filed this to a NICE point for me
 LOVE my dad!

the other tool I had was a hammer
for the occasional NAIL that I came across that just needed to be PUT in it's place

and my dixie cup
that I used to put all my mess

so here is a wee little staple
doesn't LOOK like a staple DOES IT?
looks like a bunch of fuzz

so I pull extra fuzz away

and get my sharp opener in there
it really lifts EASY

shocking after trying SO hard with other tools


up and gone
all done lickity splity
thankfully Opa made 3 of these tools and ...
my helpers helped me
even Buddy helped
and Princess

But sometimes those suckers aren't in there even steven..
SOMETIMES they aren't fair
and boo -boo's occur

wash and clean the wounds
know first aid, it's essential,
have banaids ON hand, and BE prepared to wear a banaid EVEN if you don't have a boo boo
just to match, 
it helps the crying to STOP
then.. attend the nasty and offensive

like this one

with that cool whole in the middle of the can opener... 
sometimes it works when you attack it this way

some times...
it works better if you get it this way

but with a little giggle
it comes 

RIGHT out..
i know

my dad is an amazing inventor
we are thinking of selling these at the farm! 
we can perhaps figure something out :)

So now.. 
the room is ..
NOT pretty
NOT done
but playable
while we work on some OTHER things..
whatcha think?


Teri said...

LOVE the plank floors!

Blessings Farm said...

Are they not just ... FUN! they are so cozy and imperfect and .. I love them! I think we will paint them :) so glad you like them too :)