Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a wee discovery I forgot to mention...

a few visits ago, Princess made this AMAZING discovery...
and I got a few photos of it..
WHY only a few?
I was too busy nibbling after that

I have a little vineyard!
and a WHOLE lot to learn!
I must tell you 
THESE are the most delicious I have had since France
and I am thrilled...

so this winter 
in addition to researching
guinea hens
chicken breeds
duck breeds
dog breeds
sheep breeds
apple trees
pear trees
blue berry bushes
and countless other wonderful things we hope to grow..
we MUST hunt down...
a used wine press
and figure out how to tame this wonder :)
isn't God AMAZING ?  
May His Blessings upon our House NEVER end,
we are ever so thankful to Him!

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good His love endures forever

1 comment:

Teri said...

SO JEALOUS!!! I would love to have grapes!