Saturday, November 12, 2011

nature walk...

Love LOVE love God's glorious creation.
Love walking in it,
and sharing it with people I love...
and so excited to participate even MORE in caring FOR it
preserving it.. protecting it..
There is JUST so much to learn :)

Little man needs his daily hike when we are at Blessings Farm.. 
Mama sure could use some walking..
not to mention Buddy's NEED to burn energy
and Princess' need for space, air, and peace
all that added up
 SURE does not hurt to see this as a super time to get in some
 Nature Class in !
I always try to remember to bring my camera.. 
We come across something that we aren't certain about
that we .. don't have a name for..
wondering.. What this is..
if YOU know.. please share :)

sometimes color and texture are simply beautiful
and must be captured..
like Little Man's mossy rock 

it is my fellow hikers that I want to capture..
they GROW so quickly..
and "THIS is the Day the Lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it" comes to mind..
the very fact.. that today.. 
will NEVER come again..
taking a photo.. is like keeping a moment o of that precious time
here is another beautiful deep dark brown red "something" ...
and I see it everywhere..
but don't KNOW for certain WHAT it is..
Things to learn this week!

isn't this a lovely berry.. 
wondering WHAT berry it is..
is it poisonous
not so much..
inquiring minds WANT to know !

Do you do nature hikes?
Nature Journals?
here are a couple of the books WE just LOVE
and try to include in our home "schooling"
every week,
if not .. every day

The big kids are reading through this,
and researching through this book
as part of their weekly lessons..
I do this topically with our 1st Grader Buddy! 
HAVE you bought this book yet?
more importantly..have you READ this book yet?
utterly brilliant

and THIS is one.. on my MUST buy list!
perhaps a Christmas Gift..hmm just thinking :)
We have oodles of wonderful DK and Golden field guides
as well as Audubon field guides to learn our birds
we actually adore ANY field guide

Which is YOUR favorite??
and DO you know what our mystery photo's are???
comment soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Blessings Farm!
Have an idea about the berries: could they be the multiflora rose? (It's pictured on this website)


Blessings Farm said...

Thanks so much for that help! I will print this up and bring it with me for the next trip up... It might just BE that! What a great link!