Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kitchen Remodeling Part 1

 Here are some pictures of the Kitchen BEFORE we began the remodeling
 not too bad of space, but the ... everything is about to GO
 here is a sneak peek at the dining room/breakfast area..
THAT is the front door.. 
YES the walls are Yellow Striped... Vertical Stripes matte / gloss yellow... 
YES those are very UGLY par cay floors.. 
there are plans in the works for those... 
 YES that is PURPLE
this time striped horizontally
oh MY that'll need some primer

 Machine Man has begun the demo! 
OUT cabinets, OUT you go!
more ick
 and still more ick
 and OH NO!  mice WERE living under my cabinets.. 
JUST as I had feared..
those are HOLE into the crawl space, which has a "door" that is icky letting MICE dwell in my house.. with me..
 here is the "makeshift" kitchen... 
no sink, for washing dishes, we are using the bathroom sink..
no stove but a cook stove my dad brought,
YES that is a microwave/convection thing my Dad brought up, 
we have also 
a crock pot, hot plate, electric skillet, vitamix, and the most essential
my NEW Ikea refrigerator!
LOVE this..
I blocked the whole thing off with the baby corral.. which you can not see in the photo..
BUT it saves me some sanity,
even if I have to climb over it constantly..
We spent 10 days working on the remodel
much of which Machine Man had to be back in Suburbia for..
he has this job...
and they really like him to BE THERE, so he can earn that pay check
to help pay for ALLL this
 Here is a shot of C.S. helping me tile :)
C.S. is 15, and just ABOUT the neatest lad I have EVER known!
What an incredible blessing he is!
 Starting to shape up.. don't you think?
those are Menards Subway tile, on sale for $0.19 each.. 
we got EVERYTHING for the tile job at Menards, and were thrilled with the help that they were in figuring out everything we needed..
THIS is my first tile job..
C.S. and I laid some plywood over all those holes, or we'd have fallen through....
Machine Man, aka Papa, would come in a few days and FIX the floor...
till then, it's wabbly walking and mouse traps laid out at night
we were able to pry the sill away from the window, JUST enough to get these under, ~phew
trying to slice off JUST that little bit was impossible
as we DON'T have a nice wet saw,
but that other kind... that you score, and snap..
well.. a LOT of tile was "snapped" incorrectly trying to figure out this..
and we stopped,
had a snack break
and THIS came to us.
looks good too!
 with NO internet on the farm, I couldn't just google what to do about these
after prayer and a nap, I got the great idea to frame out the tile..
it turned out ok, EVEN if it wasn't what I was supposed to do...
oh well

 what do you think?  
I think it's looking good
 I LOVE the way this looks.. just NOT sure if we want all those switches there...
Machine man is deciding if he wants to knock those through the other side of the wall.. till then.. 
a hole not tiled in
 freshly painted!
 I have something special planned for that yellow wall.. something different :)
but for now.. someone is HUNGRY 
and I must go :)

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