Monday, November 28, 2011

saying.. thank you

we have WONDERFUL neighbors
they bring us treats
like cake
or cookies
or chocolates
and we are always SO thankful !
(wouldn't YOU be?)
Our new neighbors are also Amish
which I have to say,
Buddy thinks is SUPER terrific

and every time he sits down to write down the Thank you card
they get another version of a Chariot
he simply LOVES the horse and buggy bit
and thinks it's SO cool that she's in a Chariot...
I tell him it's a buggy
he says " I know Mama..."
and draws a chariot of some sort,
it's ALWAYS magnificent
or romantic
this on is tiered, with 3 levels

we feel it's important to work on saying thank you, 
by writing cards, or sending notes..
I confess, 
I am NOT always the best at getting the blessings to do this,
It's something I really want to work on.
Life can get terribly busy in the suburbs, 
with one doctor appointment after another
the days just fly by...
but in the country...
that cookie,
or cake
or piece of chocolate just reminds you...

and you can't HELP but make it part of handwriting class..
YES those G's an E's are all gumbled...
we are working on it.. 
don't you LOVE the fancy T?

my little Artist has even created his OWN emblem

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