Saturday, November 12, 2011

THAT wall....

something "special" planned for THAT yellow wall??
yep !
on the left..tiled walls, 
and the sink, fridge,
a dishwasher..
on the right... 
tiled walls
counter with drawers, 2 shelves and the stove
all tiled walls go up about 3/4 of the way
and all are subway tile white
ok.. maybe not the perfect photo to show it.. but
YOU get the idea 
straight ahead.. 
well it's the pantry.. a big pantry!
it needs a LOT of work
but..we don't mind some elbow grease and effort!
here's some ideas

i LOVE how white this is..
I want all white..
but a door a bit more perhaps like this

just not so.. curly q
and jet black
but the walls.. what about Those?

i am thinking white planking...
horizontal if you please

i first fell in LOVE with the look and idea
by seeing THIS picture in Layla & Kevin's 
if you need inspiration,
LAYLA is sure to give you a heaping plate full!
here is another wonderful picture of the general idea of what I am going for..

Isn't this just darling?
can't you see it in your mind?
(these photo's were borrowed from Pinterest- check out the link!)
planked white wood
(we'll probably re-cycle wood palettes! )
(it's super cheap & I love the idea of recycling wood)
jet black screen door

could look pretty great
What do YOU think?

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