Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just a stroll...

Little Man is our youngest child, he is cute as a button, and tough as nails..
He also has some struggles he's had to overcome..
and IS overcoming..
a year of physical therapy and he has come a LONG way...
He loves being on the farm, because on Blessings Farm he can really PLAY hard
and we like to work him hard too

I tried to take the children walking every day we were on the Farm
for Nature Study
and just plain old good EXERCISE

 Not only is it LOVELY
it's a good "stretch of the legs"
 I love the views I have.. and wanted to share some with you...
 every cloud has a silver lining... isn't it glorious?
Praise the LORD!
I love His glorious gifts...
Here's Little Man and Princess KI
He wanted to show me the cool rock he found.. it has soft green moss growing on it
and he LOVES this rock

 Buddy came looking for us on a walk.. here are the sweet brothers
apparently Little Man got a phone call..
how come MY reception isn't THAT great up here..
wonder what plan HE is using :)
Love the walks...
Love the Blessings who walk along side of me..
LOVE the One who IS love.
Thank you Jesus

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