Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunny with a chance of Joy

THEY arrived.. 
safe and sound
making the LONG trip up from the wiles
of Illinois
Joy with her daughter Sunny
(names changed to protect the innocent
and to better describe who they are)

here they are…
in the lounge…
looking over BlessingsFarm's book
which is all about the first year or so of it's being.
They were excited by all that has been done!

But we had to take them out,
first to get a bit of the lay of the land…
So off for cheese and chocolate,
I think..
They were surprised by it

Then they got a bit of the tour of the actual property..

on one of our walks
little Poirot decided to follow..
and we walked!
and really WALKED…
he was steadfast, and faithful.. 
loyal and loving..
He just kept right on going
where EVER it was, that WE were going

It was nice to share the beauty of the forest 
with a friend..

like I said..
we went..

this time he went ahead and waited..

are a blessing..
we have so many things all about our lives..
sometimes it is very hard
to carve out the time to just
with someone else..
spend it ON someone else…
our time being our MOST valuable currency…
but spending it with the right folks..
folks who soak it in,
who pour into you
as you pour into them..
it's the best way
to spend 
any day

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