Sunday, July 28, 2013

a little boating….

Mr. T  invited our family
 for a little boat ride on the
Lake Redstone.
Seeing as there is a whole LOTTA 
Blessings at the farm,
we took 2 trips..
Buddy, C.S. & I were in trip two…
Machine Man, Princess & Little Man were in Trip one..

and Seeing as I had to wait..

I took to enjoying the flora

the splashes of color

the striking lines

natures more delicate friends

and generally did a wee walk about.

on the dock waiting... 

MY TURN!!!!!
I mean
YAY!  Buddy & CS get a turn…
(clearing throat) 

depending on the curve of the lake
it looks bright and then
or nearly night…
it IS evening.. so just wait for sunset photos!

Buddy is SUPER excited to be UP FRONT!

the water makes me think of
when it isn't' quite SET

loving the sky

Vanilla sky

could't have picked a better night

happy Buddy

is this Southwest Wisconsin..
or Ireland?

you are SO not getting me to climb THOSE everyday..
who ever does has LEGS OF STEEL!

loving the jetting cliffs

can imagine Natives
and early settlers…
Lewis and Clark…
were you here?
actually Lake Redstone is Man Made… 
It was once fields and valleys..
they just damned it up..
I WAS told theres a "covered bridge or two" 
somewhere down below…

I can see Princess and CS planning a scuba expedition now

soaking it in

the light… so gleaming bright

yes.. it is a LOT of photos

but you can NOT even begin,

to imagine

just how many did NOT make this post!

thinking ...


wondering where my paint set is..

yes.. time to head in for a late night supper..
Thank you Mr. T
we love you!

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