Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fishing hole...

it was on our heart…
that before these beautiful souls went out
back into the land in which they came..
That they would see some things..
The night before this,
we laid out under the stars..
so they could REALLY see the..
but the moon decided to be SO bright
it was Actually funny,
we couldn't see more!
and we also wanted to bring them to our little Fishing Hole

Miss Joy, is ACTUALLY Preacherman's Wife..
and she is LOVING this..
and snapping LOTS of photos..
so we can get Preacherman up here!

LOVE this spot…
just across the water 
is our bike path...

and sisters in Christ

loving the view

loving more
these young ladies!
and the fine women they are becoming..
thankful it's not happening faster
than it might like

fishing holes are special places…
quiet places…
places where folks speak in hushed tones,
nods and smiles

it's a great place to say goodbye
see ya later
thanks for coming
so glad you could make it up

it's a great place to feel like you mattered
because you did
and you do 
every little bit of you
in someway..
to someone…
have you told anyone
how much they matter to you?

because you might just make their day…
forge a tighter friendship…
ease strain or stress that you didn't know was there…
but incase you haven't heard it lately..
you are loved
The Creator of the Universe
loves you SO much
He sent His Son
to rescue and redeem you
so never doubt that you are loved..
just ask yourself..
how well do you know the ones 
that love you?

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