Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bit of Sun and Sand

Sandles and sand just GO together
and SW Wisconsin is NO stranger to beaches

we all grabbed some toys,
and towels and HIT the beach
with our friends!

Blue water
Blue skies
who could ask for more?

Especially when THIS Mama came loaded 
with extra fun stuff
to play with!

Later the big kids wanted to go to see the
and hang out in the lagoon like area

Buddy was LESS thrilled,
as he noticed some bees…
he's allergic to bees
so he's got this SEMI smile..
YES I am SO SO SO happy to be here at the beach
I am sort of ……
because there are
these bees
and I don't want to get SO wrapped up in playing
that I forget about them
and walk into their nest…

but the girlies LOVED it!
and gave me some grief about getting any good shots of them!

C.S. hung out with Little Man..
which thrills Little Man to NO end..
and then we headed back to the beach..

I want to hold your hand!!!

and off they big ones go

It's fun to be with a friend 
to fellowship with her
pray with her
and enjoy our children 
and our day together..

Little Man remains in Bliss

and we EVEN got them to strike a pose!

When it was time to go..
Sunny & Joy noticed CS's shoe..
this is them putting THEIR feet next to it..
too fun!

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