Monday, July 29, 2013

Adventures to the Creation Museum !

we enjoyed the blessing of driving all the way
to Kentucky USA 
with our Church 
to go to 
Answers In Genesis 
Creation Museum!

It was SUPER fun!
We haven't been since Buddy was a wee little toddler
younger than Little Man is now…
The sculptor of this Dinosaur  was made by a man named 
Buddy Davis..
He is not only an amazing sculpture,
he's also a talented country/gospel singer..
and my little boys adore him!
too bad I ran out of film by the time they had a chance
yep they did..
I totally won the Best Mom EVER award that day 

Buddy was SO glad we came back…
He informed us
he was sorry that he didn't remember 
from the previous trip…
shocking !

Creation Museum takes a different spin on the 
things began.
and the 
they began

using all the same data
they just have different presuppositions 
then most main stream secular museums..
Different glasses looking at the same problem.
In our culture it is becoming increasingly unacceptable
to do anything but follow what everyone else
is doing…
we just aren't about doing that…
We learn, we study, we think, we analyze
we pray
and we come to conclusions that may 
or may not agree with my readers..
and guess what!
it's OK to not agree on everything..
so don't get all 
just don't

I love that we live in a country where the freedom to think
to think things through 
FOR yourself
still exists….
go ahead and 
it is still legal

Where you can see what YOU see
and not just see what someone tells you to see..
We found it wonderful to see all the evidence
for our beliefs..

here they are in a small conception of what Noah's Ark 
would have looked like...

according to the Holy Scriptures..
it would have been structured more lie this little model
than those cartoon models we've all seen
in nursery's…
now THIS is majestic..
THIS is glorious.

The detail taken in the models was wonderful..
nothing cheesy about it..

here is a small diorama of the Ark after the flood waters
began to rise..
what a thought..

Out side the Museum are the gardens...

the Zip line...

the pretty flowers

in an assortment of colors..

look at how big the leaves are compared to Buddy!

this is the ginormous flower that GOES WITH THOSE leaves..
feeling like I am in 
Jurassic Park

simply stunning

at the other end of the Zip line
was this cook jungle gym thing..
Buddy Wants to save up to do this 
in two years..


little obsessed with this flower..

the batman duck


feel the heat

wedding moment?





so delicate







love MORE


i love goats

found a chicken friend.. 
because you can NEVER have 
enough of those!

aww.. they both found a friend..

banana grove

and we ended with a Lecture from Doctor Tommy..
(his last name slips my mind)..
He's a real MD
he explained things, 
answered questions..
and here is a shot of our little group of teens..
I had to try to get them all
because we hardly saw them at all!
they ran as a pack

beautiful like this pack of blossoms
and changing the world
one smile at a time

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