Sunday, July 28, 2013

little summer wandering...

I like wandering about

taking time to notice the little things

looking for interesting things

lacy things

and lively things...

things that strike balance and color

texture and tones


and elegance

things that are dainty

things that surprise

or catch my eye

dreamy things

whispy things

funny things

bright things

sunshine surprising things

flowers that fold in on themselves

flowers that fall open

blossoms tightly woven

and blossoms dancing about...

things that make me smile

things not quite ripening..

blossoms that will later be berries!

yep elderberries!

i find these so enchanting

magical and dreamy

these currants just look yummy

i LOVE the color scheme

and the thought of apples yet to come...

thrills me to NO end!

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