Monday, September 29, 2014

Sweet Evenings on the porch

The light some evenings here on this porch..
just captures the imagination...

My heart swells at the colors
and how everything changes depending on 
WHERE I place myself
in the light
and in the shadows..

same time of day… 
wild right?

and the rosy glow on both female and feline
is charming… 
as is their obvious affection for one another..
happy memories 
of a lovely evening

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Charlotte was Wilburs best friend…
and IF Wilbur every had a daughter…
My children were CERTAIN he'd name her
after Charlotte
and so..
When we were blessed to receive to raise up
this female pig 
who had been injured..
we decided
to name her 
after Wilburs BEST friend
the wonderful book
Charlotte's Web..
People tell us all the time to NEVER name the animals you eat..
but we just roll our eyes..
and do it anyways..
we don't feel any more emotional about it..
But we do find we are extra loving and tender towards them IN life
Children are quicker to do their chores when the pig
isn't "THE PIG"
but Charlotte..
future bacon..
honey ham
they have all sorts of endearing names for her
and they treat her so lovingly…
because they LOVE her
and raising their own food
LIFE to them..
HEALTH and healing to them..
after living and surviving Lyme Disease..
watching 3 grandparents die of Cancer..
what goes IN their bodies
Matters not only to Machine Man and I..
It matters to them..

so they are quick to get the best scraps to her…
take her for walks in the woods so she can "root"..
and she really became 

more adventures about 
Charlotte to come!
because she was a HOOT!

Friday, September 26, 2014

landscape project part 2!

we scheduled a certain amount of time..
and as the heavens would have it..
it rained
and it RAINED
you can not IMAGINE how it rained

somehow we got a TON done anyways!
(I say we loosely as … I personally was in charge of food and beverages..
so I ate and drank..'and made sure there was plenty to go around…)
I also took photo's

Machine Man
Tree Gardener
did ALL this crazy work!

moving GINORMOUS boulders

using the skid steer…
prepping the land..

and moving these wood sheets..
because the earth was MUD!
not fluffy dirt..
but MUCKY awful mud!

they plotted


OH so carefully

it was really a careful process

 Buddy was beyond thrilled watching it all 
just come together

and these fellas LOVED it!

When you have a dream..

it really is exciting to see it come together...

We did not need to purchase ANY rocks for this project
ALL of these beauties were found on 
the farm

dug out and hunted down..
and YES,
there are some BIG holes in my land that CS needs to fill..

These suckers were so huge!

but we are so excited to see this landscape project come together...

The adventure was over the course of several days..
because the rain caused us to stop so often..
caused the earth to be just TOO wet to even drive the skid steer on..

but we persevered!
(don't you love that WE thing.. ?  It means I went and bought Chocolate form the Amish lady..)

(And Mrs. Tree Gardener and I went and bought Cheese from the Cheese Maker .. and bread from the bread maker…
and wine)

we made amazing meals,
because these guys.. 
were SERIOUSLY hungry!

so much earth got moved!
so many rocks!

a LOT of patience
a lot of care

a LOT of thought
and re-trying
to get things to fit JUST right

and it ended up looking JUST fantastic!


I am so excited to see it in the spring
When we plant!

looks terrific!  
Still need to work on pathways…
and the base of the stairs..
we didn't "finish"
because of the rain rain rain..
but it looks FANTASTIC so far!
That's the landscape project so far!


There are just SO many things to DO at Blessings Farm
and we really try to do them all

and we love when friends and family come up
for a day or a weekend
or a week to join us in fun activities!

all ages and abilities
get a chance to try their hands at new skills

it's exciting to share knowledge

and build relationships
and make connections
and memories..
THAT is what BEING a blessing is 

just a little spit and polish

from bland

to grand

Thursday, September 25, 2014

seeing potential

sometimes one must look up close 

take in different angles

different view points

really look about at the beauty all around

exploring the hidden treasures

even the remnants of treasures can  leave us
with beautiful images

other times
it's those everyday
common place things that we ordinarily pass by
that we ought to let catch our eye

the dainties of life

like blessings enjoying summer days on the porch..

and forgotten dressers other people left on the curb..
this was FREE
a curb side collection
that we could SEE something in..

some might think it ugly

but all we could think was 
WHAT a great piece for the porch!

A great buffet to host our many dinner parties
and extra candles, and napkins and decks of cards,
this hunk of furniture will be enjoyed for some time!

we thought some chalk paint fun

bold colors

was JUST what was needed

it's seeing the purple stems
amongst all that green in the forest..

or the beauty of the month

sometimes it's painting up things
freshening up things..

going to town

and getting it done

now that the porch is done

ya'll might be appreciating the weeds
just as much as me

or maybe not!

I thought to give you a nice good look see...

because we have got an exciting project coming up!

take a good gander 
and begin to imagine

what we might do with these from the farm

these two from the city
(yep those darling trouble making pals we LOVE so much!)
The Tree gardeners!

and ONE skid steer 
Thanks KINDLY to a very generous friend in Mr. T 
just you all wait and see!