Thursday, September 25, 2014

seeing potential

sometimes one must look up close 

take in different angles

different view points

really look about at the beauty all around

exploring the hidden treasures

even the remnants of treasures can  leave us
with beautiful images

other times
it's those everyday
common place things that we ordinarily pass by
that we ought to let catch our eye

the dainties of life

like blessings enjoying summer days on the porch..

and forgotten dressers other people left on the curb..
this was FREE
a curb side collection
that we could SEE something in..

some might think it ugly

but all we could think was 
WHAT a great piece for the porch!

A great buffet to host our many dinner parties
and extra candles, and napkins and decks of cards,
this hunk of furniture will be enjoyed for some time!

we thought some chalk paint fun

bold colors

was JUST what was needed

it's seeing the purple stems
amongst all that green in the forest..

or the beauty of the month

sometimes it's painting up things
freshening up things..

going to town

and getting it done

now that the porch is done

ya'll might be appreciating the weeds
just as much as me

or maybe not!

I thought to give you a nice good look see...

because we have got an exciting project coming up!

take a good gander 
and begin to imagine

what we might do with these from the farm

these two from the city
(yep those darling trouble making pals we LOVE so much!)
The Tree gardeners!

and ONE skid steer 
Thanks KINDLY to a very generous friend in Mr. T 
just you all wait and see!



Anne said...

The house (and dresser) are beautiful! Can't wait to see what is next ;)

Chris Hedlich said...

I love seeing the progress! Everyone is doing such a great job!