Friday, September 26, 2014

landscape project part 2!

we scheduled a certain amount of time..
and as the heavens would have it..
it rained
and it RAINED
you can not IMAGINE how it rained

somehow we got a TON done anyways!
(I say we loosely as … I personally was in charge of food and beverages..
so I ate and drank..'and made sure there was plenty to go around…)
I also took photo's

Machine Man
Tree Gardener
did ALL this crazy work!

moving GINORMOUS boulders

using the skid steer…
prepping the land..

and moving these wood sheets..
because the earth was MUD!
not fluffy dirt..
but MUCKY awful mud!

they plotted


OH so carefully

it was really a careful process

 Buddy was beyond thrilled watching it all 
just come together

and these fellas LOVED it!

When you have a dream..

it really is exciting to see it come together...

We did not need to purchase ANY rocks for this project
ALL of these beauties were found on 
the farm

dug out and hunted down..
and YES,
there are some BIG holes in my land that CS needs to fill..

These suckers were so huge!

but we are so excited to see this landscape project come together...

The adventure was over the course of several days..
because the rain caused us to stop so often..
caused the earth to be just TOO wet to even drive the skid steer on..

but we persevered!
(don't you love that WE thing.. ?  It means I went and bought Chocolate form the Amish lady..)

(And Mrs. Tree Gardener and I went and bought Cheese from the Cheese Maker .. and bread from the bread maker…
and wine)

we made amazing meals,
because these guys.. 
were SERIOUSLY hungry!

so much earth got moved!
so many rocks!

a LOT of patience
a lot of care

a LOT of thought
and re-trying
to get things to fit JUST right

and it ended up looking JUST fantastic!


I am so excited to see it in the spring
When we plant!

looks terrific!  
Still need to work on pathways…
and the base of the stairs..
we didn't "finish"
because of the rain rain rain..
but it looks FANTASTIC so far!
That's the landscape project so far!

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