Wednesday, September 24, 2014

lazy ladies

The ladies ain't been laying…
The farmers almanac is declaring a nasty winter ahead..
thinking these girlies better start paying rent..
or they might end up in my pot..
silly girls
don't they KNOW
their eggs are worth more than gold to me?
but their bone broth is too..

Bone broth…
the quick version
Roast that beautiful chicken..
Roast her…
the QUICK Roasting version involves a crock pot…
rub her with olive oil or avocado oil
season her with some sea salt, freshly ground pepper, garlic and 
what ever herbs you have about you
I love Herbs de Provence..
but when I have some fresh sage, or thyme
or rosemary,
well.. BLISS!
again rub both sides
I place chicken breast side DOWN…
and cook on low in my crock pot 6-8 hours…
then enjoy a lovely meal..
now when done..
be sure
save ALL those bones
and her neck and what nots…
I wash and save feet too…
now this is the quick bone broth…
put all the bones etc, BACK into that crock pot with all its juices…
throw some carrot,
some onion
some celery
into that crock pot…
add some clean water to the fill line…
and turn it on..
cook minimum 10 hours…
I usually cook longer..
I also love to do this at night when I go to bed…
I wake up and I have broth!  
I let it cool
I strain it into ziplock bags or mason jars
and I freeze..

now I feel hungry...

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