Sunday, September 28, 2014


Charlotte was Wilburs best friend…
and IF Wilbur every had a daughter…
My children were CERTAIN he'd name her
after Charlotte
and so..
When we were blessed to receive to raise up
this female pig 
who had been injured..
we decided
to name her 
after Wilburs BEST friend
the wonderful book
Charlotte's Web..
People tell us all the time to NEVER name the animals you eat..
but we just roll our eyes..
and do it anyways..
we don't feel any more emotional about it..
But we do find we are extra loving and tender towards them IN life
Children are quicker to do their chores when the pig
isn't "THE PIG"
but Charlotte..
future bacon..
honey ham
they have all sorts of endearing names for her
and they treat her so lovingly…
because they LOVE her
and raising their own food
LIFE to them..
HEALTH and healing to them..
after living and surviving Lyme Disease..
watching 3 grandparents die of Cancer..
what goes IN their bodies
Matters not only to Machine Man and I..
It matters to them..

so they are quick to get the best scraps to her…
take her for walks in the woods so she can "root"..
and she really became 

more adventures about 
Charlotte to come!
because she was a HOOT!

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