Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Simple Summer

I didn't blog this summer…
we lived life a bit more simply..
or tried...
we lived at the farm this summer
the children and I..
no internet..
and so…  I will share with you..
summer, and fall in a blended way…
over the next few weeks..
I hope,
that you don't mind my doing it this way.

summer was jam packed…
with furniture restoration

and new life

promises and hope

and warrior cats

recycling, upcycling, reclaiming, reusing, 

a time of re discovery…
and hoping
and dreaming
and sharing
and loving
and caring
being broken
utterly and completely broken
and finding hope again
in Christ
always in Christ,
and finding each other again …
in Christ
and sinning
and forgiving
and learning
and growing..
and isn't THAT what
being married 20 years
and raising great people IS all about?
who KNEW this 
an adult was SUCH a big thing?
who KNEW following AFTER Jesus
was SO so so hard?

because sometimes..
it is…
it really is… 

but always…
it is worth it…
ever following after ...

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