Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Wonderland FUN

I always imagine that I love winter
or that I would…
if it weren't for sleet on the roads,
dirty snow 
endless traffic
amongst people who don't remember
HOW to drive in the snow…
I always imagine that I love winter
my whole life I imagined winter like this

walking about on things like these… 
yes, quite odd to dream about snowshoeing…
it's not the most exciting sport..
but it IS!  
I love love love it...
but I always imagined, it was JUST my speed..
if you haven't ALREADY figured it out,
I adore hiking in the nature, 
and have felt hindered in the winter months…
I long to walk in the Winter Wonderland…
now.. I can!!
and it is even more fun,
more exciting than I ever did think it would be
whilst i was "imagining"

Machine Man has many a chuckle at my "dreaming"
he laughed and laughed when I bought EVERYONE snowshoes…
said he'd NEVER wear them..
but anyone see what's on his feet in that there picture?
yup.. super cool snow shoes…
seems it makes hiking on the hunt a bit easier on my Man 
(doing the happy dance.. you know the one… the one 
that REALLY means… I was right, he was wrong, but …
I won't DARE "say' that.. so I do my "happy" dance)

When I was a kid we played and played and played outside…
only coming in for cocoa and food… 
then out again…
but living in suburbia in the 70s and 80s 
is a bit different than the living we do in Suburbia today it seems.
here at Blessings Farm,
it is as if time stopped
and I never see the kids
except when they are starving
or in dire need of a cocoa fix

my hikes each day
were invigorating
for my body as it heals
as well as 

for my soul..
Because see… our God is amazing at fixing our dreams
our imaginings on thing He so has planned for us…
Pinch me…
with all the trials
the mountains climbed,
the valleys long and weary,
moments like this
take my breath away
because, they leave me
in awe..
Simply Amazing

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