Wednesday, January 16, 2013

transforming a house...

back when this 1870s farm house grabbed our hearts...

the following spring you can really see the roof need to be 
beautified… (updated)
and the porch looks as though we might see it fall of..
it won't 
it sure looks SAD

so over the summer 
Machine Man & C.S. 
began taking it down…
thanks with help from Princess and Tenderfoot
we saved a LOT of money because of these four!

and so it looked.. for many weeks.. (months)
but things are happening...
it's not done YET but...

can't you just see card games happening?
book reading
and family time?

isn't the space
just LOVELY?

plenty of room for Family and friends!!!

we are SO excited…
aren't YOU?
more to come as it nears completion!


Anne said...

Yes!! It's Wonderful!!!

survival girl said...

Love big wrap around porches!! You will have so much fun out there.