Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creative creations for COLD days

When the Winter is BITTER cold,
too cold to play out side
so cold you bundle up even INSIDE,
we like to get creative….
after lessons are done
the BINS of lego come out

and people here get creative

sometimes elaborate
sometimes a bit more simple

the play is hours and hours

I have more pictures than I would dare to up load

see, they don't ever want to take apart a creation
so they kept wanting more and more legos
and that is great

at some point the shelves are coated with dusty lego creations
and that is when THIS mama had an idea

I use my digital camera and photograph them all
at any angle 
at EVERY angle
doing what EVER they do

the kids LOVE this… 
they each hope to have a book of their creations some day

I am not as organized as all that yet

but they don't seem to mind..
rule is, 
NO ONE touches a creation till mama gets the camera out
then use the pieces to build new creations

I love cold weather games
and creations

I love seeing the detail they put into things

how cool that Buddy did this!

there goes the "James Bond" spy car!

going, going

What winter creations are the big thrill at your home?

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