Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter at the Farm

There is something Magical about Winter at 
Blessings Farm

we have the MOST wonderful sledding hills
see the cousins?
All of the Blessings are there
EVEN Little Man

Thankfully you can see Buddys very RED jacket at the top left
ONE of the hills zig zags diagonally down & across this photo
that isn't all of it
it keeps going
I couldn't get the WHOLE of the sledding hill
into this shot

and as the evening sun begins to set
everyone was very hungry!
everyone was eager to have 
HOT Apple Cider
or wonderful Hot Cocoa

Dinner would be a big crock pot full of Chili
with ALL the fix ins
oodles of popcorn
and a fun night of 
Rummy 500
Blessings Farm House Rules
Winter at the farm
my FAVORITE place to be

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