Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Skating in the light of a DISCO ball

go go go 
speed racer!

Took the Blessings to the Roller Rink
with the homeschool group from Church..
It was fun to see…
some zipped by, doing dance moves,
chatting away, laughing
all to the sound of popular music
and the always present DISCO Ball...
with no concept of ALL that they were doing.
no idea that they were multi tasking
stumbled here and there
excited and quiet 
eager to JUST get around the rink
still others
just skated on the carpet
trying to get the hang of life on wheels
falling, crawling 
holding on to a wall
or to someone who cared enough to use their skills
to just HELP those still learning
It was so interesting because…
going to a Roller Rink
you see in MICRO vision
that which exists
what kind of skater are you?
I have a child in each category…
but ME?
the word 

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