Friday, January 18, 2013

dreams DO come true

though her walk has not always been easy
the struggles many
her amazing attitude,
heart to serve the Lord
to love in all things
most everyone who takes the time
to KNOW her…
When she was just a wee little girl
she fell in LOVE with a creature
known to us as the Horse..
not the pony.. 
the Horse
was her FIRST word
at the tender age of two
she told everyone
(including the Santa at the Mall)
that all she wanted was a horse
and a piano
when she was three, she would strum the guitar
and sing her very own, 
cowboy songs
by the time she was eight
her dedicated wish list included still
a REAL horse
a plastic horse
stuffed horse
horse books
a living
breathing HORSE
so we did what any parent would do
we bough a bunny instead
she never stopped dreaming
she plays the piano
plays a harp
writes and composes music
and still her dearest dream seemed 

Our Sweet Princess 
can attest to every little boy and girl
dreams really DO come true

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