Thursday, June 13, 2013

Welcome to the Family… ZEUS

so so allergic..
to so so many things..
Things we love
things we want
some of us have allergies to wonderful things like..
soy (ok so that is not so wonderful)
one of us is allergic to grapes
so sad
and cats
red dye #40
certain medicines
oodles of yucky things..
certain pollens
certain chemicals
blah blah blah
it's UBER annoying
we find ways to cope
maneuver around things
and do most everything in life we want to do.
I research LOTS and find substitutes for foods
and beverages we love
so the pain of not having pancakes 
because we have them 
they are just gluten free pancakes!
and they are delicious!
As for pets…
so far we are all ok with the rabbit
and the ducks
the horse lives in a barn…
so far no problems there..
still they long.. long for a puppy..
and so I researched 
and researched
breed that would fit our families 
VERY specific constraints…
and my answer had been
one of three breeds (check)
(portugese short haired pointer)
(english short haired pointer)
(german short haired pointer)
it had to be
great with kids
a bird dog/gun dog/hunting dog
not hyper
What I found was…
hypo allergenic
english shorthaired pointer pup
aka gundog
aka hunting dog
aka bird dog
aka acceptable breed
a weekend with Leeloo did the trick
they've hoped and dreamed…
I had said

WHEN Little Man is potty trained (check)
When we find the breed we want (check)
and only in spring or summer (check) 
one that is already crate trained (check)
preferably on sale.. not a high price (check)
welcome to the Family!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

a view

this is one of my favorite views
from the front porch..

i had to stand on my
tippyiest toes
so you wouldn't SEE
the ginormous trash dumpster parked just out of sight 
on the bottom right
or all the construction junk
scattered on the bottom and to the right..
the porch is nearly fully complete
finishing touches
railings going up
this week
I hope…

isn't this such a nice view :)
looking forward to sitting down 
and seeing it


Having the California Family come up to the farm
They are such a joy, worked so faithfully alongside us
all the while we enjoyed good fellowship in Christ with them!

I love these shots of them after a hard days work on the Farm.

Here is Mrs. California with their WONDERFUL dog 
We love dogs here at the farm..
but are VERY allergic…
Leeloo, was SO obedient and faithfully stayed in the 
great hall only
which is SUPER easy to clean and keep aired out…
Leeloo really got the Blessings all bellowing for a dog..
and Machine Man is in love too..
Ohhh for Hypoallergenic hunting dogs..
maybe some day..
really dogs as well trained and obedient,
as loving and affectionate as Leeloo
are a tribute to all dogs everywhere…
we were glad to have her come and visit.
Mr. & Mrs. California not only brought their beautiful daughters
their fun dog
but Grammy
who our whole family adopted as our 
Grammy too…
We love love love this beautiful family!
And are SO glad they came to celebrate 
Memorial Day with us
at Blessings Farm!

The California's!

going for a walk

going for a walk
after a long season of indulgence 
isn't easy for any lady

even if she is a mare

first walk was as to be expected.. 
beautifully snotty… 
both beautiful
so thankful the weather is getting better
with it usually temperaments improve!

so tell me about.. the minions...

Minions are adorable…
Despicable Me is
one of our Families FAVORITE films…
many of our Vegetarian friends feel VERY Strongly 
against our eating our chickens…
in fact...
many chicken eaters 
seem to feel strongly opposed to us eating our
own chickens..
seems Americans would rather buy theirs 
pre packaged at the store…
than know where their food comes from..
but WE at Blessings Farm, would rather raise ours...
we LOVE our Minions..
we try to give our chicks/minions only the best!
We hope to always have minions..
lots of them…
hence "we are despicable"… 
but you love us anyways..
We love pastured poultry and this is why we call our chicks
the Minions..
they are SO cute and little, and yellow when they come to us.
we also want the children to learn to  understand the difference 
between the purposes of the layer and the broiler..
and how valuable and worthy their lives are..
how their lives, albeit shorter than our own
help to sustain our own
and we should therefore do all we can to make theirs 
as pleasant and happy as we can...
because we want them safe, 
because there are REAL threats to their safety,
BECAUSE we want them ON the range
eating yummy bugs
and grubs
and weed seeds 
and grasses..
BECAUSE we want them scratching at the earth
and pecking at things
and doing their chicken thing
we got the minions THIS

it's a Chicken Tractor
a traveling gypsy caravan
It is actually pretty enormous..
I should have made a child stand next to it for comparison sake..
half of it is strong mesh for sunshine
half totally solid for when its rainy and yucky out… or for shade!

here is the watering system

the hose feeds into their tray drinkers


one lid for lifting 
two for pulling all around the yard!  

see, here's one of the minions drinking..

we love how much sunlight it lets in..
but you are thinking..
seriously… you don't let them out?
sure we do..
but not when we aren't home..
and if we are gone,
our neighbors or guests can move the tractor FOR US,
and the chickens still free range
and no one has to minion sit… 
it's a win win..

here is their door
for their out and about days

here is the feeding area

i can lift it easy and pour the food RIGHT in

it's cute to see their little beaks rush to the food!

see all that space?
it's VAST!
we move it about every day, or every two days…
you'd not believe how much they work the soil!
It's wonderful..
and More Minions arrived just days ago!
under a lamp as I write this..
so so sweet!

Building a Castle

perhaps it's not EXACTLY a "Castle"
but rather
a proper "coop" for my Queens
I know.. you are wondering who the Queens are….
Queens are those chickens predetermined to LAY the eggs
as opposed to
Minions are delightful chickens predetermined to be 
also known as
we will eat these…
Todays post is about building a Castle for the Queens
first step was all about 

foundations are SO important
if you don't get the foundations right…
it won't matter how great a job you did building your castle
it'll fall to pieces..
ya REALLY need to spend the time to get the foundation
of WHATEVER it is your building
done RIGHT…
be it your marriage
your kids
your home
as in this case
your chicken coop

the guys take it pretty seriously
thanks greatly to the VERY
uncooperative weather

We were SO thankful to the California Family for joining in the work
here at Blessings Farm.
Mr. California
is pretty wonderfully OCD when it comes to things like 
and frankly
I loved it..
being a Christian
I am a firm believer in GETTING your foundations ROCK SOLID
and seriously sound and level
it just seems SO much like a Proverb…
a parable

there were real moments..
these.. very raw moments
stuck in the mud moments…
JUST like the moments we have in

moments when you were looking for level
by a string
because you couldn't' trust your own eye sight
couldn't' TRUST your own sense of balance

There were thoughtful moments of reflection;
reworking ideas;
thinking through;
spacing OUT;
getting hungry;
of ALL of the above;
and some of it..
all in the span of FIVE minutes
I kid you not.

Do you SEE how we are building on a slanted hill?

Do you LOVE our great foundational 
CORNERSTONE as much as I do?

because I do..
Whilst this Rock may be the Cornerstone of my
Queens Castle,
it represents
the One who is the Cornerstone of our Family
of our Farm
of our Faith..
I get seriously deep and philosophical about all this..

these men & Fathers are doing something GREAT

yes..I wrote, GREAT

and while it is true that Mr. California is..
a little OCD...
and Machine Man has his quirks…
God is working through them!

we are going to be SO extra thankful for that later!

sprinkling extra earth
to get it JUST right

exactly right

see my lovely man?

almost there

no.. not quite

but almost

maybe now?



now they'll be clipping along

check out the progress…

imagine the mossy in-between
all filled in
and lovely
it will look ancient

here Machine Man stands upon the Cornerstone
truly a momentous moment

Due to days of rain..
endless rain the fellas built the walls in the "shop"…
Mr. California..had by this time of the project 
HAD to leave with his beautiful family
though he stayed longer than planned to try to finish..
the weather simply did not cooperate!

C.S. and Machine Man grabbed every moment of sunshine
(yes… i refer to moments because honestly..
it's Spring in Wisconsin people
and THAT is sometimes all you get)

and they worked fast

and hard

not taking many breaks..

notice the change in wardrobe..
it went from EXTREME heat
to freezing cold

Here they used Mr.T's skid steer..
Standing at times IN the bucket
to reach what they needed to put on the roofing

The Queen's Castle really IS built at a height
and it's NOT an easy task to get this roofing on...

Teamwork prevails
and the two of these men are getting the job done!

It is the first shed they have put up..
We did choose a kit because of time constraints
It was purchased from 

pretty much it took longer than it promised it would
mostly due to weather
they will all tell ya it still would have taken longer than they advertised..
AND the roofing boards
were not the right pieces…
We had to have Mr. M our Amish friend who did our roof
come over to help..
he was quick to spot the problem and sort out a solution..
not our guys making a mistake
a problem in the packaging

we ordered the actual metal roofing from the SAME 
local Amish roofing Manufacturer we used for our home..
so it will match..

we will be painting the shed white
to match the house

it was VERY interesting watching it all be built

even Buddy got to help out!


Remember all that mess…
well it's getting there..
We are cleaning it all up, and slowly
it's getting there..
next to go up will be the aviary for the hens
and an aviary for the ducks!
so so exciting

for now though…
we shall finish putting up the trim pieces
paint it
and convert this shed
into a Castle for our Queens !