Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ideas… ideas...

I can't help it..
we are idea junkies
we finally have our dream property
and we want to be wise stewards…
so after prayer
research is the next most important thing…
and gathering data
seeking out how our ideas MIGHT look
or being surprised by someone else's
or inspired and getting some totally new ones
is all a part of the process

Hoop garden houses are really catching my fancy the past few years
we hope to convert a fabric shed we inherited
into one !
see that wooden wall at the end..
it's inspired machine Man and CS…
they've got ideas!

aside from total bliss at the colors

I can't help but Zoom in

wow what a brilliant orange!

this is a VERY happy place for me!



intricately designed


and delightful
a burst of blush

i love the spacing between the hoops
enough to mow through
and play in

noticing the watering system??

noticing the hens

disgusted they aren't in the green area
so my pasture kids are feeding these girlies
and sneaking them dandelions and what not
they made a SLEW of friends!

Rabbit hutches attached to the hen house
and now they are off to investigate that…
do they know they're now on the private side of this property?
uh oh

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