Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Having the California Family come up to the farm
They are such a joy, worked so faithfully alongside us
all the while we enjoyed good fellowship in Christ with them!

I love these shots of them after a hard days work on the Farm.

Here is Mrs. California with their WONDERFUL dog 
We love dogs here at the farm..
but are VERY allergic…
Leeloo, was SO obedient and faithfully stayed in the 
great hall only
which is SUPER easy to clean and keep aired out…
Leeloo really got the Blessings all bellowing for a dog..
and Machine Man is in love too..
Ohhh for Hypoallergenic hunting dogs..
maybe some day..
really dogs as well trained and obedient,
as loving and affectionate as Leeloo
are a tribute to all dogs everywhere…
we were glad to have her come and visit.
Mr. & Mrs. California not only brought their beautiful daughters
their fun dog
but Grammy
who our whole family adopted as our 
Grammy too…
We love love love this beautiful family!
And are SO glad they came to celebrate 
Memorial Day with us
at Blessings Farm!

The California's!

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